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skin care series
Vencil Cream

It is well-known that we should drink 7-8 glasses of water every day to keep our body properly hydrated. But often, the water we drink does not reach our skin, making our skin look dull and dehydrated.

Featuring anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties, Vencil Cream deeply hydrates your skin, offering everything your skin needs, and is ideal for all body zones.

An amazing moisturizer, Vencil Cream is a must-have in every makeup bag. Proper, deep hydration should not be just a routine, but a daily ritual for all of us, to avoid skin dehydration.

How to use:

Apply generous quantity on cleansed skin as often as you want and repeat at regular intervals.

Vencil Cream contains:

Panthenol – Prevents transepidermal water loss to keep skin moisture at normal levels and improve skin elasticity.

Glycerin – Retains moisture on the skin surface, helping it penetrate deeper skin layers.

Vencil Cream
Vencil Body Cream
Vencil Body Cream

Vencil Body Cream is a great, deeply-nourishing body moisturizer that hydrates and protects your skin, leaving it smooth and supple, with a delicate pomegranate scent. Besides hydrating and improving skin elasticity, Vencil Body Cream delivers a soothing effect and is fast absorbing.

How to use:

Apply daily a generous quantity on your body and massage gently for better hydration.

Vencil Body Cream contains:

7 moisturizing agents:

Panthenol – Powerful moisturizer. Prevents transepidermal water loss (TWL), helps restore and improve skin elasticity.

Shea butter – Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. Provides deep hydration and anti-inflammatory effect.

Glycerin – A hydroscopic compound that retains moisture on the skin surface, helping it penetrate deeper skin layers. Protects skin from dryness.

Olive oil – Deeply hydrates and features antioxidant properties that help regenerate and protect skin.

Allantoin – A compound known for its healing, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic properties. Promotes cell proliferation, mitigates irritations and helps keratinocyte shedding process.

Bisabolol – Anti-inflammatory agent, with antimicrobial properties. Protects skin from irritation.

Aloe Vera – Features healing, moisturizing, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. Prevents redness and other signs of burn.

Vencil Septskin Liquid

Vencil Septskin Liquid is a mild antiseptic that removes harmful germs, fungi and bacteria with a single move. Ideal for the hygiene of hands and sensitive areas of men and women, that come in contact with germs every day. Featuring an innovative formula, maintains skin pH at normal level, protecting skin from irritation and swelling. Suitable for all skin types.


Octenidine – a broad-spectrum compound, active against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungi

Piroctone Olamine – a broad-spectrum compound, active against bacteria and fungi

Glycerin – a compound that retains moisture on the skin surface. A rich moisturizer, fights skin dryness


Vencil Septskin Liquid
Vencil Sootheskin Gel
Vencil Sootheskin Gel

A gel specially developed to alleviate bruising and instantly ease discomfort.


Active ingredient complex (UNISOOTH) mainly consisting of

Green Tea Extract and

Oak Leaf Extract

that instantly relieve skin inflammation, redness and itching.

Chamomile Extract with soothing properties.





Instant alleviation of bruising caused by medical treatments, including:

  • Surgery
  • Knocks/Injuries/Sprains
  • Laser use
  • Venipuncture (Inpatients, Oncology/Chemotherapy, Haemodialysis, Blood donation)
  • Ηormone injections, Vaccines, LMWH (Low-molecular-weight anticoagulant) use
  • Cosmetic applications (fractional, diamond dermabrasion, PDO/COG threads, Hyaluronic acid treatment, Peeling)

How to use:

Apply shortly after treatment and repeat at regular time intervals (3-4 hours) for faster results.